Federación Mexicana de Rugby


While the IRB deserves credit for creating the World Sevens Series and supporting countless thegame001other 7s tournaments around the world, it is a 19th century Scottish butcher and his apprentice who were the real architects of what modern day fans now know as Rugby Sevens.


There are several variations in the laws which apply to Rugby Sevens. These are primarily aimed at generating a faster, free-flowing game and to take into account for the reduced number of players on the pitch. The main changes are: 7 players on the field, with 5 reserves but only 3 substitutions allowed per team; 14 minutes of total playing time; try conversion attempts are to be drop- kicked; finally most minor infringements are sanctioned by a free-kick.

The emphasis of play in Sevens is speed, skill, and fitness. thegame003Furthermore, players are required to be creative playmakers. 7s rugby is fast, entertaining and ideally suited for providing both players and fans with a spectacular display of rugby!

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